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Barcode Labels

Barcode Labels

Indian Barcode Corporation supplies customised Labels and stickers in various sizes for thermal transfer barcode printing. Most of the sizes or nearby match will be available from our ready stock. Custom sizes will be made to order as per customer specification depending on the label specification and the order quantity.

We provide thermal transfer printable media suitable for Ace, Datamax ,Zebra ,Sato ,TEC ,Eltron ,Intermec ,Monarch ,Printronix ,TSC ,Avery Dennison , C.Itoh ,Citizen ,Godex ,Argox, Novexx, Printronix etc... Thermal Transfer Barcode Label Printers.

We offer customised pressure sensitive labels like laser barcode labels, security barcode labels, food labels, printed barcode labels, rfid barcode labels, resealabel labels, coupons, promotional labels as per our customer specific requirements. Blank Labels can also be provided with a base color as well as pre-printing of a logo or symbol. Self-Adhesive Thermal transfer printable media can also be supplied in continuous form without die cutting for more flexible use.

Labels Cromo   Normal-  3 Paisa Per Square Inch  - Minimum billing INR 5000  or 100 USD

Example if you have 50mmX25 mm  it is two sq. Inchs  , cost would be 2X3 =6 paisa each label. 


Labels AD -   4Paisa  Per Square Inch

Label  TT1 -5 Paisa Per Square Inch.    


Label TT2 - 7 Paisa Per Square Inch .


Polyester---  14 Paisa per square Inch   

Depending upon the usage there are about 100 types of labels available for normal grocery store to temperature based paper and other varieties of rubber or aluminum labels , metallic labels, scratch proof labels, 

Price varies with the material too. above rates are for normal usage material .


other type of material is also available like rubber papers, temperature variable paper , product labels , job work for bar code will be done but one has to add the per ribbon cost as well as Rs 500 per hour  man power.

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